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Manage accounts, send and receive tokens, manage multiple wallets and connect to DApps from Z3US, the best browser wallet for Radix DLT.
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Experience your Radix DLT assets in a whole new way.Access your existing wallets seamlessly alongside newly created Z3US wallets, simplifying asset consolidation and management. Say goodbye to platform hopping – Z3US keeps your crypto experience unified and seamless.
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Send. Receive. Sign.Experience seamless essentials and robust features, now enhanced with group transaction capabilities and in-depth insights into your assets and transactions.
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Make it your ownWith Z3US's customization, every transaction becomes an expression of your identity. It's more than just a wallet – it's a canvas for your digital financial interactions.
  • Unique colors and images for accounts
  • Add personal account labels
  • Save and export account settings (coming soon)
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Address book

Your crypto contacts, organized and secureSay goodbye to the hassle of searching for addresses or worrying about typos. With our intuitive interface, adding and managing contacts is just a click away.


Collectors & investorsWhether you're a collector or an investor, Z3US has the tools you need to immerse yourself in the captivating world of NFTs.
  • View NFT's and asset detail
  • Send and receive NFT assets
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Track and optimize your crypto journeyDon't compromise clarity while managing multiple wallets. Gain insights into your transaction history, asset distribution, and market trends, all in one intuitive dashboard.

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Secure. Simple. All-in-one.
Self-custodialYour keys, your kingdom. Our self-custodial wallet lets you be the undisputed ruler.
Open source community orientated
Open source community orientatedTogether, we're not just building a wallet, we're crafting the future.
Hardware ledger support
Hardware ledger supportSleep peacefully, knowing your digital treasure is shielded from the digital storm.
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