Provider API

Z3US wallet extension injects a global API into websites visited by its users at window.z3us. This API allows users to interact with wallet and Radix DLT.


API is versioned using Semantic Versioning. We will support up to 2 most recent versions to ensure users have time to update when breaking changes are introduced.

declare global {
	interface Window {
		z3us: {
			v1: { ... }


You can listen to following events:

  • init event - dispatched when z3us Provider API is added to window object

window.addEventListener('z3us.init', console.log, false)
CustomEvent {detail: { v1: { ... } }, type: 'z3us.init', …}
  • keystore change - this event will be dispatched if user has multiple wallets when switched between them

window.addEventListener('z3us.keysotre.change', console.log, false)
CustomEvent {detail: {keystoreId: 'id-111111111111'}, type: 'z3us.keysotre.change', …}
  • account change - when currently selected account changes

window.addEventListener('z3us.account.change', console.log, false)
CustomEvent {detail: {address: 'rdx...'}, type: 'z3us.account.change', …}
  • network change - when selected network (Gateway API) changes

window.addEventListener('', console.log, false)
CustomEvent {detail: {network: {id: 'mainnet', url: 'https://....'}}, type: '', …}